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Whether you want a brand new website to promote your business, or an upgrade to that tired old website that you have had for years, there is something I can offer at a price that you will love. Warminster Web is committed to providing affordable websites for small business.

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Rapid website design to meet your specifications using WordPress, used by 35% of the web.

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Development of existing websites to improve their look, functionality and responsiveness on all devices.

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Maintenance of websites is essential to keep software up to date and secure, and to keep the content fresh.

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Social media

Reach more customers by promoting your business on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Quickly get your online store up and running using industry-leading open source software - WooCommerce.

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Improve your site's SEO to get that all-important high ranking on search engines Google and Bing.

Special Offer for Driving Instructors

During the Coronavirus lockdown, I have a special offer available for driving instructors who wish to establish a website in preparation for their return to work

Examples of my Work

Stephen's Voice

Stephen had a website for a few years, but it was not maintained and he was not happy with the design. He engaged Warminster Web to re-design the site and maintain it going forward, with regular blog posts and other updates to keep the content fresh.

Mike Palmer Driving School

Mike was starting up as a driving instructor and needed a high ranking website in the local area. Within a few weeks, the website was designed, developed and launched, and appearing on the first page of Google  for the the search phrases “Driving Instructor Warminster” and “Driving Lessons Warminster”. The website now consitently ranks top for those searches.

What Clients Say

My website was neglected because I have been successful without it , but also I didn’t really understand website maintenance and the mysterious ‘black art’ of ‘search engine optimisation’. It turns out that I was lucky to have done so well as potential clients would check my site out first. Lord knows how many potentials it put off. Mike's calm, un-patronising process relies on a deep knowledge and practical ability to guide you through the basics without making you feel a complete numpty.