Website Templates

A website template is a complete website, but with placeholder text and images. It is by far the cheapest way to get online. I use WordPress and Elementor Page Builder to build websites, and Elementor has a host of templates to choose from. Take a look at these Elementor Templates. Some of the templates are free and some require an Elementor Pro licence. I can build you a website with either type. If the template requires an Elementor Pro licence then I will charge an additional £40 per year for the licence. Otherwise, I will only charge for the time it takes me to build the site. The first hour is free. Subsequent hours are £20 per hour.

Alternatively, you can do it yourself. I will shortly provide a tutorial on this website showing how to install WordPress, install Elementor, install a template and start editing.

If you are a driving instructor (an occupation close to my heart) or an artist then you may find that the templates on this page will be sufficient to get you started. If you are using one of the templates on this page, once you have chosen your domain name and host, install WordPress, install the theme and plug-ins for the chosen template and create a home page. Then you can use Elementor to import your template. If you are not sure how this blog post shows how to do it for the Artist template.

Bespoke Websites

Maybe you have taken a look at these templates and concluded that there is nothing that fits your needs. Don’t worry. I can give you a fixed price quote to build you a bespoke website. The quote will be based on my charge rate of £20 per hour, with the first hour free. If the work ends up less than I have estimated for the quote, then I will not charge any more for the extra.

Why not take a look at my Portfolio to see what I have done for others?