Website Templates

A website template is a complete website, but with placeholder text and images. It is by far the cheapest way to get online. All you need to do is install the template then edit the text and images to suit your new website. I have made a few templates available on this page. Over time, I hope to expand the selection. The instructions to install them are as follows:

  • Download the archive file.
  • Extract it into the root directory of your website.
  • Create a database and user will full access permissions
  • Open a browser window with the following url: http://<your_website>/installer.php then follow the Duplicator instructions:
  • Step 1 – check requirements, notices and accept terms and conditions
  • Step 2 – install database – enter database name, user and password set up previously
  • Step 3 – confirm data updates
  • Step 4 – test site via Admin Login. Username “template”, password “HeavensGate01”
  • Create a new admin user then logout of the dashboard. Log back in as the new user and delete user “template”.
Or watch the video:

Other Templates

I primarily use WordPress and Elementor to build websites, and Elementor have a number of templates to choose from, some of which are free. Take a look at these Elementor Templates.

Bespoke Websites

Maybe you have taken a look at these templates and concluded that there is nothing that fits your needs. Don’t worry. I would be happy to build a bespoke website for you or show you how to do it yourself.

Why not take a look at my Portfolio to see how I have helped others to get online.