Forgeries Online

The Brief

Robin had a 10-year old eCommerce website which basically didn’t work. He wanted a site of a similar look and feel developed in WordPress without the bugs of his old site – A site that he could maintain going forward and strengthen his blacksmith’s business.

The Solution

WooCommerce was used to develop the shop part of this website.

The excellent copy and images from Robin’s old website was migrated into the WordPress / WooCommerce framework.

The Response

“Mike’s patience and stickability is outstanding. And he thinks, and listens…. and sometimes sends e-mails at three in the morning. He’s easy to get on with and knows his stuff…. not just the design, or just the back office stuff, or what’s Out There….. he covers the waterfront. Just ask him anything ! Or ask me what he does…. I don’t think he advertises much : I found him thro’ a customer”