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Website Design Warminster – Rank in top 10 for free

This post is a bit of an experiment really. I thought I would write a post optimised for the search phrase “Website Design Warminster” to see if I can get it to appear on page one of the Google search results, when searching for that phrase.

Why choose “Website Design Warminster”?

Well, as you can see from my about page and contact details, I am a website designer based near Warminster keen to help local business to get an online presence. I think its much better to choose someone whom you can meet face-to-face rather than a disembodied entity on the internet. I certainly like to meet my customers face-to-face and get to know them.

To be honest, its also easier to optimise for a geographically local search phrase than a global one. There are less competitors. If I want to work for local businesses, why would I try and compete with the whole world? I took exactly the same approach for my first website Mike Palmer Driving School and I consistently rank on page one when doing a search for local driving instructors.

On-page SEO

I am not using any links to the page. I am just using on-page SEO for the optimisation. That means that I am composing the content on the page to target the keyword “Website Design Warminster”. As opposed to having other pages on the internet link to this page (off-page SEO).

I am using the RankMath plugin in order to optimise the SEO. I have tried RankMath and I have tried Yoast, but I much prefer the former, not least because you get an awful lot for free.

Apparently, I cannot just write nonsense stuffed with keywords. Instead I need to write useful content that people want to actually read. So I will write a bit about SEO and why it is so important?

You can write the most useful content ever, but if no-one can find it, then it’s no good to anyone. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the act of optimising that content so that it can be found on search engines, Google being the predominant one on the market. (Although you may be familiar with Bing as well.) It starts with identifying the keywords (or search phrases) that you believe your potential clients will use to search for your content. So, if you think that someone wanting a local website design company in Warminster would enter the phrase “Website Design Warminster” into their browser, than that is a good keyword to choose.

Optimise Each Page

It’s also useful to know that search engines rank each page of your website independently, and not simply the whole website. So, you can target different keywords with different pages in the hope that when someone lands on a page, as well as finding useful information on that page, they also head over to your home page or your about page to find out a bit more about the website.

As I am writing this, every now and then, I am heading over to my RankMath dashboard for the page to see what my score is. Last time I looked it was 83/100. The only errors remaining were content too short (it recommends at least 600 words), a strange additional error saying “we are searching in the database” (I don’t think I need to worry about that according to this post) and my keyword density is getting a little low. I guess I should re-iterate that I want people to find this post if they search for Website Design Warminster.

In Conclusion

Unfortunately its going to take a few weeks to find out whether this experiment has worked, and whether the content written here has convinced Google to rank me on page one for people searching for Website Design Warminster.

If it has worked, (I now have 86/100 on the RankMath dashboard by the way) then thank you for reading this far. I am going to add SEO Optimisation to the services that I offer, so why don’t you head over to my Services page and see if there is anything I can help you with.

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