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How to post on Instagram from a PC

Have you ever wanted to upload an image from your PC to Instagram and then realized that you can’t? There is no upload button!

Well, there is a way with the Chrome browser (and possibly other browsers too). First, head over to and log in to your account.

Instagram Upload

You can see here, that there isn’t a button to upload a picture. Fear not. What you need to do is open Chrome DevTools by typing F12, then click on the Toggle Device Toolbar button in the top left corner of the DevTools window.

This will toggle the screen to a mobile view. If you then refresh the browser by typing F5 you will see the post button appear at the bottom.

You can then post your image as you would on a mobile device.

When you have finished, just toggle the display back to a desktop and type F12 to exit DevTools.

Hope this helps.

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