How to Create an Artist Website for Free

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  1. Install WordPress from or from you local host provider
  2. Install and activate the theme Astra
  3. Install and activate the plugins Classic Editor, Elementor and Essential Addons for Elementor
  4. Download the Artist Template from (Button at the bottom of the page.)
  5. Import the Artist Template into your new site (From the Dashboard, select Templates, Saved Templates then click button (Import Template)
  6. Create a new page entitled Home, then select “Edit with Elementor”
  7. Click on the Templates icon, select My Templates, Artist and Insert. Click Yes to Import Document Settings
  8. Click Publish
  9. From the dashboard, select Settings, Reading, then set the Homepage to Static Page, Home. Save changes.
  10. From the dashboard, select Appearance, Menu and create a new menu called Main and tick Display Location: Primary Menu.
  11. Add the the page Home to the menu.
  12. Add the following custom links to the menu:
    • URL: #gallery; Navigation Label: Gallery
    • URL: #about; Navigation Label: About
    • URL: #exhibitions; Navigation Label: Exhibitions
    • URL: #contact; Navigation Label: Contact
  13. Save menu
  14. Click Visit Site to see your new site.
  15. You can then modify to your own needs via Edit with Elelementor

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