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How to add a link to your Instagram post

Have you ever wanted to promote a product or an event on Instagram and include a link to a web page, only to find out that Instagram does not let you make that link clickable? What use is that? Who on earth is going to carefully copy the link from the Instagram post into a web browser?

If you have a website, then I may have an acceptable workaround for you.

Link in InstagramThere is one place where Instagram does allow clickable links, and that’s in your profile. You need to make maximum use of that valuable link.

If you have a website, then you can create a gallery page of all your Instagram posts with each image linking to the web page that you would like that post to reference. That’s what I have done here: instagram-posts. Then, include the link to your gallery page in your Instagram profile.

In your Instagram post, you can refer readers to your profile page. for the link.

Clearly, this isn’t ideal, but it does save your followers from copying and pasting links.

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